Answering The Questions

I wrote, and had this published on line, in Exceptional Parent Magazine back in 2011. This month it was one of the stories posted on line at “Acceptance comes from knowledge.  The more one understands, the easier acceptance is possible. As a mother of a daughter with special needs, as well as to a […]

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Coming To Terms

The other morning, as I was playing Monster Busters on the iPad, and wasting time, I had this epiphany! I thought that if I just accept/come to terms with the fact that my life does, and for the most part, always will, revolve around Sydney, then maybe I could relax when I don’t have her, […]

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Quarantine Day #77

It’s 4:48pm, and I’m sitting outside on my front steps. All I hear are birds chirping, which is a nice change just coming off of listening to Sesame Street for the last 7+ hours.🤪 I love my daughter to death, but I’d really be ok if she became ‘obsessed’ with a different show—even just another […]

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Finding Inspiration

I just found my inspiration reading another amazing mother’s post. How do I know she’s an amazing mother? I honestly don’t even know who posted it. I don’t look at the name of who’s posting what. Word Press knows my interests, so I know I’ll be interested. 🙂. So I know she’s an amazing mother […]

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Not My Finest Moment

I was standing in my driveway holding my daughter, who was squealing with happiness to see me after spending the weekend at her father’s house. I had been asking him for the number of the babysitter he uses, a lot, so I too could use her. He will not give it to me. I asked […]

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Another Kid-Free Weekend

Most anyone in my position would LOVE to have a kid-free weekend. I don’t have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. I don’t have to take care of anyone 24/7 except for myself. I don’t to have to worry about driving my son to and from a hockey game, that he may or […]

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Accept Me Without Exceptions

I spent 14 years of my life married to someone who I do believe in his way, did love me, but not for the right reasons. He fell for a girl he thought he could change and mold into being what he wanted. I had the perfect base line/starting point too! I was 24 years […]

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My 45 Minute Friend

I went to what I thought was a presentation/talk given by this woman (let’s name her Ramsey), who published a book about her special needs daughter. I was all over it! I didn’t have my kids that day, and I was so excited about going. It was being held at a small coffee shop the […]

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Epiphany #8159

It took me a long time to feel comfortable leaving Ryan with a babysitter when he was an infant. That was a typical “new mom” feeling that I’m sure is pretty common among new moms. Ryan was pretty attached to me, and wasn’t easy to leave him with just anyone, but I did it. I […]

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I Need To Learn How To Relax

I’m just going to come out and say it. “I honestly don’t know how to just fully relax.” Do any moms really ever? Throw in having a teenage son who just started high school, a child with special needs, an ex husband who just got really married who is little to zero help, living in […]

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The Weekend Of August 3rd & 4th

I don’t like it when people say, “Today would have been his/her #______ birthday,” about people who have already passed away. The day is still that persons birthday, they just aren’t here to celebrate it with us. Today is my father’s 87th birthday. My father passed away 38 years ago. I was 7 years old […]

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Moving On

I did it, I moved. It was 3 weeks and 5 days ago, today, that I said goodbye to the place I called home for the last 10 years. I’ve had 26 days of pure craziness(literally and emotionally). 624 hours of feeling if something could go wrong, it most likely will’! Yet, 37,440 minutes have […]

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So here’s the deal/my situation/my dilemma….. My son graduated Middle School this week, and his father/my husband of 14 years/my ex-husband of 4 years, and his fiancée are throwing this big tent-in-backyard-probably-catered-40+-person graduation party for MY son, OUR son. Why is it ok to leave me out? A boy my son goes to school with […]

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T Minus 12 Days To Moving Day

I’m moving in 12 days. I’ve been packing up my 5 bedroom, 3 full bath, finished basement, 38333sq. ft. house, 95% on my own. Moved in with my husband and two children in 2009. We divorced and he moved out in 2015. Now that I’m moving out of a home I bought with a man […]

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Letter To My Ex-Part 2

Ugh! I hate that I can sometimes hate you so, so much! I actually don’t like it so much, that I’ve even pondered the idea that maybe I do still have feelings/loving feelings for you, and it’s manifesting itself as feelings of hate. Then again……. Since that’s not possible, I have to believe that what […]

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How Am I Going To Use This Blog?

I am very new to ‘Blogging’, but I do like to write, and I’ve kept a journal/diary pretty consistently since I was around 12 years old. I wanted to use this blog as a place to share not only chapters of this book I’ve been writing that’s titled, “Trust Me, You’re Not Alone”, but to […]

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